Becoming a successful freelancer

Becoming a successful freelancer is not as easy as most people think, ad it involves a lot more work than a regular job, not to mention all the stuff and nonsense that you go through on a personal basis until you get to that point.

zzp nederland as they are known are there to offer a much needed helping hand to the people that are trying to escape the corporate rat race and go off on their own.

So what exactly do you need in order to become a successful freelancer?

First off you need time, and a lot of it. Goes without saying that patience plays a big part in this as well, mostly because of the fact that you will start with nothing and you will have to build yourself up as you go.

Second, you have to understand that fear, in this situation is inevitable. We currently live in a fast track world where everything is based around corporations. Of course, going freelance is risky, because there are a lot of scenarios in which you can fail miserably and wind up homeless.

What you have to do is accept your fear and work with it. It will help you and open your eyes instead of denying it and trying to put it in the back of your head.

Third, make sure you have a backup. The transition from a corporate office to a home office is never easy, and the risks that you are taking are major, so make sure that you have some money put aside, which should help you pay your bills and survive for 1 year. Yes you will have to tighten the belt and cut back on everything that is not essential to life, however it will pay off and if you are persistent enough, you will start stabilizing your income rather soon.

Fourth on this list is something that most people don’t eve take into consideration, common sense. Yes, people ignore this factor because of the fact that they are used to working with big corporations and businesses which do not promote the use of common sense and creativity, but rather blindly following orders like a drone.

This is by far the hardest factor that you will encounter in your transition, mainly because the answer to most of your problems will come logically and you will unwillingly ignore it while following the corporate pattern that has been embedded in your thinking.

Last but not least, be ready for some social problems. People tend to see freelancers as a wreck waiting to happen, especially people that are past a certain age. You will get asked a lot of uncomfortable questions and you will be annoyed on a daily basis by this, however if you manage to power through it and ignore them properly, you will eventually manage to drown the white noise that these people make and concentrate on your newly created freelance career.

Remember, if you like what you are doing, it will show and people will start looking for you rather than the other way around.


How To Get The Most Out Of Online Games?

So you are planning to join the world of pixels and fantastical worlds where everything impossible becomes possible? But you are quite doubtful because you are new to the online gaming community and newbies often get lost especially if they don’t get support from older community members and what should have been a fun exploration turned suddenly sour as you don’t even have the slightest idea of you making your gaming time worthwhile. And that you spent it for the most part learning the whole process and your progress was so sluggish that you’ve already lost any desire to continue with the game. But worry not, this article aims to help you settle nicely in your newly found virtual niche and get the most out of your online gaming experience.
1. Are you being annoyed and demotivated by your laggy connection?

Laggy connection is perhaps one of the greatest foe of online gamers particularly those who are involved in Multi-Massive Online Role Playing Games. Lag can cause a lot of horrifying moments such unnecessary avatar deaths, being scammed through overly delayed trading between characters and not being able to contribute significantly to the party because you are so busy tackling the laggy connection.

There are simple things that you can do to minimize lag. First, consider upgrading your internet plan. Hardcore gaming like MMORPGs really requires a superfast internet connection to be able to continuously download all the rich details without interference. Secondly, if you have already used your computer doing other stuff the whole day, always reboot it when you are on the process of logging in to your gaming account. This helps in clearing up your RAM space, thus, assuring you of a faster gaming experience. Third, make sure that your hard disk space has still plenty of room. If it’s already cluttered with so many files then consider cleaning it up. Fourth, avoid visiting websites that consumes a lot of bandwidth like Youtube and other streaming sites whether they’re audio or video. And fifth, if you have the means, upgrade your computer’s processor.

2. Make some online in game friends.
Yes, you are an introvert who wants to be left alone for most of the time but most online games are actually designed for people to make friends as there will come a time that you will reach a certain level where you need to accomplish stuff with the help of other people.
In MMORPGs, there are always boss hunts that require six people to kill a monster and the sad thing about it is that, you cannot just ignore bosses because they are required in a quest for you to get vital skills. If you don’t make any friends then how will you move forward?
The point is, even if you are born to despise interacting with people, making friends in an online game is a necessary evil that you must commit to.
3. Do all the missions, quests and other challenges.

No matter how much you love your online game; there will always come a time that it will get boring. In order to combat this, make sure that you’ve done all the necessary quests or missions before you reach the top. It’s going to be fulfilling. It may take you long but at least you’ve enjoyed the game longer than everyone else. The term best online games is quite questionable because in reality, there’s no best game in the world. At the end of the day, the value of online games still depends on the player’s say on them.

Learn More About The Expanding Trend Of Web Designing!

As businesses are struggling to remain active and productive in this tough economical climate, every business owner will be looking for a good, cheap, satisfying way to promote the qualities of their company and attract more customers to buy their services or products. It is a very well known fact that cheapness and quality don’t go hand-in-hand with one another. If you want a good quality service, you will find that you will have to pay for it completely. And is much as a business owner would like to pay is less as possible in order to get the most out of something, if you really want to take a good step for your entire business, you might want to consider creating a webpage for your business .

For those warrants entirely familiar with how websites work, there are web designers which can be hired, so you wouldn’t have to learn how to program in order to create your very own website. Keep in mind that, as long as you hire someone else for this kind of service, you will most certainly have to pay them a decent sum of money to see that your website finally reaches you and your audience. If you have never looked for a web designer for, it might be worth your while to visit – web design to be able to see just what can a web designer do for you. Creating a website involves extensive knowledge about at least three programming languages.

The first one is HTML. This is a programming language every single web designer has to know, because what this language does is simple. It builds the basic skeleton of a future website. When the future website has first been processed with HTML, it is most likely going to look very minimalistic and bare. The reason behind this is simple. HTML is not a programming language which builds the entire website from scratch. It simply adds the content which will be visible on the page and allows multiple browsers and platforms to display the page correctly.

After the first step of the creation has been done, the designer proceeds to use another programming language, called CSS. This one is responsible for the visual appeal of your site, because by using its commands, a web designer will be able to add colors, shapes, logos and customize fonts to a site. Even when a website has been enhanced with the use of CSS, you might find that it is still quite static. To make a website more dynamic and offer some interactivity for the users who will visit it, a web designer can use the program language which might sound familiar to you, which goes by the name of JavaScript. You have probably heard of Java, the application which can be found in almost every single piece of technology we own today. The script it uses can also be applied to websites.


Fax vs Email

If you wonder what makes the fax and the email better than the other, let us see how they contribute to your business.  The first step would be to see what the distinction between the fax and the email is.  Today, the email is the most common way for fast and cheap communication, known to the world.  Every single person, who owns a computer or any other networking device, has at least one email account and utilizes it for communicating and accessing a number of web services.  The fax, on the other hand, is a more workplace device, used for business.  It is common knowledge that email account can be stolen, corrupted or infected, while the fax is considered trustworthy and valid.

The fax is seen as the best and safest method to use, while transferring important and delicate papers.  It is largely used in legal matters and against paper forgery.  Many companies promptly accept faxed papers in the place of the original ones and make life easier for millions of customers all around the world.  With the emails, however, the situation is quite different.  In very few cases an email is accepted as a legal document and people tend to use them mostly for friendly interaction.  Every person with basic computer knowledge is able to produce files and send them through email, which however do not bear any legal weight.

The conclusion is that the traditional fax machine is much more useful in business, as it delivers papers which are considered valid and trustworthy.  The worth of the email, however, is not diminished by the fact that they have no legal power.  The fast, cheap and multiple opportunities offered by the emails are provided to the business world new and wonderful ways to do marketing and reach their customers.  In other words, when it comes to business, both emails and faxes have their worth, although in a different way and field.

This difference, however, can be overcome by the new invention of the online faxing, which combines the best qualities of the fax and the email.  Imagine a fast, cheap and trustworthy fax message delivered in your inbox.  That is what you get thanks to the online fax services, offered by Google (gmail fax).  Online faxing is able to give to the business world functionality, low cost and quick response.  Through it you will be able to receive faxes in your Gmail inbox and web fax account, which you can open from any network connected device.  You know what that meant, right – no more standing in front of the fax machine, waiting for the sheet of paper to come out and give you the information you need.

So, when we try to determine, which one is the best, we end finding out that a combination of the two is the best idea for the moment.  The Gmail fax will give you a lot of great opportunities at a very low cost in comparison with the slow traditional fax machine.